A cleaner form of petrol is being introduced at filling stations across Britain from 1st September as regular E5 unleaded is phased out. E10 unleaded petrol, which is made with up to 10% bioethanol (a type of renewable fuel) is now the standard offering at forecourts as part of Government plans to cut carbon emissions. 

If you own a Ford you are unlikely to be affected by this change. The vast majority of Ford cars sold in Europe since 1992 are already able to run on E10 petrol. The only exception to this is Mondeo 1.8 petrol vehicles build between 2003 and 2007, which should continue to use E5 fuel (or "super unleaded"). Older Ford vehicles built before 1992 should also continue to use E5 fuel.

You can find out more information about E10 fuel on the governement website here, along with an E10 fuel checker for all manufacturers.